The mayor of the city of Mekelle (Ethiopia) visits Witten twintown (Germany)

The mayor of the city of Mekelle (Ethiopia), Daniel Assefa, visited the thwincity Witten (Germany) from 28.08. until 05.09. 2017. Organized was this from the association Etiopia-Witten with the citizen forum of the city Witten.

The extensive visit and information program included, among other things, the reception in the town hall of Witten, the Witten police council, the municipal waste authority in Wuppertal, the Marienhospital Witten, Witten's world shop, Onion kermes Witten, the Construction Planning Office, the builder's yard in Dortmund, and contacts with representatives of the Protestant and Catholic Church. He was accompanied by numerous members and supporters of the association Etiopia-Witten eV and its chairman, the internist Ahmedin Idris.

On the background of the already good cooperation between the city of Mekelle and the city of Witten and the surrounding villages, this could be further deepened, in which  concrete joint projects were agreed at the local level in Mekelle.

Besuch beim Bürgermeister Die Mitglieder EW mit Daniel Assefa Daniel bei den Müllwerkern
Daniel Assefa bei der Polizei Daniel bei der Polizei 2 Daniel als Müllwerker

Daniel Assefa auf der Zwiebelkirmes 2017


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Successful participation of Etiopia-Witten Assiociation at the fair for integration and town partnerships in Witten - Germany

Message from the chairman of Etiopia-Witten Assoc. Ahmedin Idris

Dear Consul Ato Mehretab and Dear Wyzero Azyeb,

The local fair for integration and town partnerships  from yesterday was successful. Thank you for your support and the support from TDA Frankfurt. We informed the citizens of Witten and the surrounding areas about the partnership between the Mekelle city and Witten and our activities in Tigray.

The mayor of Witten, Mrs. Sonja Leidemann, the candidates of the political cparties in Witten and from the green party from Berlin, Mrs Claudia Roth, (sorry without picture) visited and discussed in our mess stand with the Abyssinian coffee and foods. Sabine Schmelzer cooked a wonderful Injera and sauce.

Special thank for Wyzero Azyeb and Ato Aynealem for organizing the coffee ceremony from Frankfurt.

Abyssinian coffee Sabine Schmelzer in traditional dress Witten Mayor, Social Party candidate, Etiopia-Witten Assoc.




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German female Angiologist reports about her stay in Mekelle March 2017

The experienced internist and angiologist from Münster, Dr. Elisabeth van der Laan, repots about her first information visit to the Ayder Referral Hospital in Mekelle from 18 to 24 March 2017.

Dr van der Laan in front of the pediatric cardiology in Ayder Hospital 2017


In addition to initial training courses, she gathered important information for further cooperation in the field and summarized it in her report.

Dr. Van der Laan during sonography in Ayder 2017

The most important points from her report:

  1. The establishment of a angiological department is due to the patient population necessarily desirable
  2. The investigations could already begin with the available equipment from a technical point of view
  3. Existing equipment requires maintenance, repair and batteries
  4. Personnel / professional requirements still have to be created

She was very pleased with the great interest in her training in the field of angiology from the numerous young medical colleagues.

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