Ethiopia-Witten's German Week 2016 in Mekelle

This year 14 doctors from various disciplines are returning to the capital of the northern province of Tigray, the 350,000 inhabitants city Mekelle, to be active in the local large university hospital, the Ayder Referral Hospital. Because in the previous visits already extensive preparation and training had been done, so there is already a solid basis for the ongoing cooperation in various departments of the hospital.

But not only doctors but also nurse for intensive care units, a psychologist with experience in the field of trauma therapy, a physiotherapist, an administrative specialist, a medical technician, teachers and others who are involved in the field of cultural exchange.

Extensive donations have been packaged in the last few weeks in size shipping containers. And they will be opened during the German Week together with the responsible in the Ayder Hospital. The donations will be jointly passed the concerning departments. This is done in close cooperation with the Tigray Development Association, TDA Germany, and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Another important focus of in this "German Week" will be the inauguration for the completely new constructed rural primary school building in Duramba. This was made possible by the generous donations from Etiopia Witten-Education, the TDA and the University Mekelle. It will be passed to the local authorities, teachers and pupils fo Duramba.

An other highlight will be the Groundbreaking Ceremony for an new rural Laelay Seken primary school  also through donations of Ethiopa-Witten and TDA - Germany and the University of Mekelle.

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