Ethiopian cardiologist for pacemaker training in Germany

The Assistant Professor Hagazi Tesfay Haddush was introduced in modern complex pacemaker treatment in the Bielefeld Klinikum

Hagazi MD pacemaker interrogation

From October 1st to October 20th the cardiologist and assistant professor from Ayder Referral Hospital of Mekelle University came to the Cardiology Department of the Klinikum Bielefeld to deepen his experience in modern pacemaker therapy. His special interest was the field of complex pacemaker systems like biventricular pacing and implantable defibrillators. The selection of the appropriate system for his pattens, tips and tricks for implantation and programming where on his focus during this stay as a guest who could not do hands-on work because of the lack of a German license as a physician.

The head of the Department of Cardiology, the interventional cardiologist Prof. Christoph Stellbrink MD and the cardiac surgeon Priv. Doz. Dr. Bert Hansky, who is a international known specialist in implanting complex pacemaker systems and explanting non functional, very old pacemaker leads have exposed him to the daily program in the hybrid cath lab-OR and the pacemaker interrogation and programming unit. Beside this he watched the all-daylong programs in the additional two cath labs. There all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in interventional cardiology where performed. Beside coronary PCI in routine and emergency settings, e.g. Mitra Clip, Septal Alcohol Ablation of HOCM and multiple electrophysiological interventions had been shown to him.

The Bielefeld cath lab staff welcomed him warmly and gave him maximum support. Accommodation and meals where given by the Bielefeld Klinikum administration for free. 

The retired German cardiologist from Bielefeld supporting since 2013 Ayder Hospital by Etiopia-Witten aid association organized this visit. The flight was financed by the Mekelle University.

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