Latest news. Sufferings from Tigray War in the Tigray capital Mekelle

Email from Ayder Hospital Medical Director from 01-December-2020

Message from the Clinical Director of Ayder Hospital in Mekelle on December 1st, 2020

The war of the Ethiopian central government against the province of Tigray continues unchanged. Very little information about the actual situation in the region leaks out, as the central government completely blocks all news channels from Tigray. We have now received one of the few e-mails from Mekelle describing the dramatic emergency there.

Von: Reiye Esayas <>
Gesendet: Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2020 13:31
An: Ahmedin Idris <>
Betreff: Re: We are too worry


Dear Ahmedin,

On Saturday there were many civilian casualties following multiple bombings on the city. Few of them were only a few yards away from our hospital and residence.

Now things seem better though we can hear continuous firing of  heavy artillery from far away.

We are at crisis as most of the staff do not come to the hospital and there is practically no higher body responsible for any of the public service delivery bureaus.

The number of robberies and thefts in the city is overwhelming. We hope things will get better soon.



Reiye Esayas, MD, FCS-ECSA, Associate Professor

Surgical gastroenterologist and minimal access surgeon,

College of Health Sciences

Mekelle University  


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