Suporting city admnistration

Etiopia-Witten supports the city administration of the city of Mekelle by the sending administrative specialists from different areas of expertise and donations of urgently needed equipment. By analyzing the actual situation in Mekelle in their area of expertise, they can then discuss the possibilities for improvement with the responsible persons. Particularly by the city partnership established between the city of Witten and the city of Mekelle in 2016, new opportunities for mutual support have also emerged in the administrative area.

Fire fighter from Witten support Mekelle

Fire fighter from Witten support Mekelle

Since 2015 there is a strong commitment of the German professional fire fighter Micheal Heiland from Witten fire fighting department to support his collegues in Mekelle. The Witten town administration and Etiopa-Witten have brought two modern and fully equiped ambulance cars (2015), a fire fighting truck with a huge ladder and modern equipment for fire fighters (2017) to Mekelle town as a a donation. The ethiopian medical emergency staff from Ayer Hospital and the fire fighters are very enthusiastic to be introduced in the new and modern equipment. This was done during the two visits in 2015 and 2017 by Micheal Hailand.

Report from Michael Heiland 2015

Report from MIchael Heiland 2017