Mekelle University - Ethiopia (Attention slow data transfer)
This is the University of the capital of the northern Ethiopian province Tigray, Mekelle. It was founded in 2000 e.c. and has more than  30.000 students. This university is one of the focus places supported by Etiopia-Witten Assoc. , by funding materials and teaching of German Specialists on the site.

Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital - College of Health Sciences, Mekelle - Ethiopia
Ayder is the second biggest Hospital and one of the modern ones in Ethiopia.
It had been constructed in 2000 e.c.  usage had started in 2006 e.c. with very low medical infrastructure and staff in the beginning. Foreign donations had been an important basis for the fast developing of the medical services. Since 2009 Etiopia-Witten Assoc is sending medical equipment and numerous German physicians, nurses, technicians and administrators to Ayder for teaching and consulting.

Tigrai Development Association German branch
Tigrai Development Association (TDA) is a member-based non-for-profit non-governmental organization established in August 1989 in Washington DC. with its head quarter in, Mekelle. Its vision is: Contribute towards making Tigrai prosperous, free from poverty and backwardness. The TDA is a valuable partner in establishing from Etiopia-Witten funded rural elementary school buildings. The international website of the TDA is:

Dignity Period
Dignity Period provides education and menstrual supplies and helps Ethiopian girls stay in school by providing the supplies and education they need to manage menstruation. This means the opportunity for a better life. As a result, most girls are fearful and unprepared when they start having periods. These girls often miss school, fall behind in their studies, and eventually drop out.We believe girls deserve education, equality, and dignity - period.

Art of Buna - books for Children for Ethiopia
The Art of Buna Gallery in Cologne is funding the Children's Books for Ethiopia project to promote literature for young people in the Horn of Africa. Together with Ethiopian authors, children's and youth literature is developed so that it can be displayed in school libraries. This project is supported by Etiopia-Witten Assoc. There is a gallery in Cologne Germany that also includes a small shop with a café. Its special focus is on the country of Ethiopia. There, pictures, photographs, graphics, books, recordings, fashion and much more are offered. This in the context of a dialogue between different cultures, opinions and attitudes (Project-Flyer for Download:

Wukro Museum -
The Society for the Promotion of Museums in Ethiopia e.V. was founded on August 15, 2009.
The purpose of the Society for the Promotion of Museums in Ethiopia is to promote international understanding and development cooperation in the field of preserving the cultural heritage of mankind.
Its purpose is achieved in particular in close cooperation with the responsible authorities in Ethiopia with the construction, establishment and operation of a museum with a didactic concept  in Wukro / Tigrai and thus to research, maintain and appreciate the contribution to Africa's cultural heritage.

Edited July 2020