Deutsch-Äthiopischer Verein e.V.
Association of former development aid workers wishing to stay in touch with people and events in Ethiopia. Founded in September 1995. Together with Ethiopians living in Germany, our aim is to foster good relations between the two very different continents, to educate, and to promote exchanges. Anyone interested in our work is very welcome to get in touch.

Installing Donated Medical Equipment in Ethiopia
David Große-Wentrup, Fachhochschule Münster (Münster Polytechnic), accompanied an aid shipment and trained clinic staff on location.

Business Trip to the World’s Poor House
Burgsteinfurt – For four weeks, David Große-Wentrup, Fachhochschule Münster (Münster Polytechnic), supervised the installation of donated medical equipment in Ethiopia. During that time, the research assistant at the polytechnic’s medical technology center, and Gunter Vietor, who used to work at Münster’s university hospital, worked for Etiopia Witten. Founded in March of 2009, the charity provides support for targeted aid projects in Ethiopia.