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Welcome to the website of Etiopia-Witten Assoc.

Etiopia-Witten is a registered charitable association from Witten town - Germany supporting Ethiopia


The tragedy forgotten by the whole world
The Tigray war
The largest ongoing man-made humanitarian disaster
since the end of the Second World War

More than 600,000 people of the approximately 6 million inhabitants of Tigray died
during the two-year war.
Even one year after its end, the hunger crisis continues to escalate!

With your donations we support  the survival of medical infrastructure

Urgent call for help from the President of the Tigray Transitional Government,
Getachew Reda, to the world on January 1, 2024


Etiopia-Witten e.V.
Sparkasse Witten

IBAN: DE70 4525 0035 0000 9010 90

The friends of Ethiopia can help

Etiopia-Witten Association Germany

UNOCHA Information from suffering North Ethiopia



We need your help

Ethiopian Girl

Every donation counts!

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Online donation via Betterplace.org is now possible


Very moving Report on starving children in Ethiopian Tigray province from German/French Arte TV

Arte Report on hunger crisis in Tigray-Ethiopia