First testing of the Cardiac package of 3 Tesla MRI of Ayder University

On March 14th 2019, induced by and together with the German Etiopia-Witten NGO Cardiologist Dr. Christian Leuner MD, the Ethiopian cardiology experienced internist and Assist Professor from Ayder Hospital Hagos Kahsay Gebregiorgis MD did for the first time the testing of an cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) procedure in Ethiopia.

This had been become possible with the medical engineer from the MRI providing company Infinity PLC from Addis Abeba, Mr. Fesseha Mehari.

The skilled x-ray technicians from the department of radiology of Ayder Hospital, headed by the radiologist Assist Professor Tegegen Abebe MD, installed the needed equipment and tested professional the new proposed MRI protocols.

The younger brother of Hagos Kahsay Gebregiorgis MD, volunteered as a test patient with great patients the time consuming and very nosy procedure.


Patient prepared for cardiac MRI

The pictures and movies obtained in the typical specialized format „DICOM“ showed, that the system is fully functional.

Cardia MRI vertical cut  Cardiac MRI horizontal cut

This diagnostic technique will be done in close cooperation between radiologists and cardiologist.

The cardiac mri procedure

This positive results make it now possible to start a training program for members of the cardiology unit of Ayder Hospital for CMR evaluation. Therefore Hagos Kahsay Gebregiorgis MD will have his first exposure to high end CMR in a three weeks visit in the Department of Cardiology of Klinikum Bielefeld in Germany in March 2019. This followed in July 2019 by a one year educational stay in a cardiology centre in South Korea on non invasive cardiology.

Parallel this there will be efforts to bring in the mean time CMR teachers to Ayder to educate some of the cardiologists also in this corner stone of cardiology diagnostics.

The cardiac MRI staff

the Ayder cardiac MRI staff


From left to rigth: Fesseha Mehari (Med. engineer Infinity-et PLC Addis Abeba), Behre Wadey (1), Tesfay Abrha (1), Ass. Prof. Hagos Kahsey MD Ayder Hospital, Musie Haile (1) Gebrehiwot Birhanu (1)

(1) MRI technician Ayder Hospital (Head technician Meron Kiros)


Dr. Chrstian Leuner MD Cardiogist
Dr. Christian Leuner MD
Retired Cardiologist
33611 Bielefeld
Bultkamp 104