Donation from Etiopia-Witten to Ethiopian Doctors for Tigray

As a result of the armed conflict that began in Tigray in November 2020, there was and is the need for the German NGO Etiopia-Witten to urgently bring humanitarian aid:

  • EW has so far donated € 47,000 to the University of Mekelle as acute aid to improve the primary care of people in need there with medication and other medical equipment. This was done in particular to enable rapid first aid for victims of sexual violence (in Ayder Hospital alone, more than 360 severely traumatized women between the ages of 6 and 80 were treated).

  • We received lists from senior doctors in Mekelle of urgently needed medicines and medical materials in Ayder Hospital and other hospitals in Tigray, which could not be made available by the Ethiopian government or NGOs. Our association has made another donation of € 50,000 available for this purpose.