Support of Infrastructure

Etiopia-Witten supports the city administration of the city of Mekelle by the sending administrative specialists from different areas of expertise. By analyzing the actual situation in Mekelle in their area of expertise, they can then discuss the possibilities for improvement with the responsible persons. As always in the Ethiopian-Witten framework, these experts are performing as volunteers.

Report on a study visit in the spring of 2017 by Olaf Greve, city planners from Dortmund.

At this year's German Week, in addition to the core competencies of the Witten-Ethiopia association, which was designed in the medical sector, the topic of planning and waste disposal in Mekelle should be considered too. The background to this was the experience gained with regard to the use of fire-fighting vehicles: Due to problems in the accessibility of buildings it was asked, whether the necessary coordination between the relevant servi- ces is sufficient in the planning or buliding permission processes. In this context questions also arose about the planning principles and planning rules in Mekelle.

New constructed urban region of Mekelle Ehtiopia 2017

After an approximately only one-week stay, a metropolis like Mekelle can only be recor- ded and described roughly. To get an overview and the needed informations the several meetings with the responsibal city planner were very helpful.Therefore I would like to thank you very heartly for your time and patience to answer all my questions.

In the following, at first after some basic framework conditions the first urban planning focoused impressions of Mekelle are described. After that some special topics are focused for the future work.

Click here for the full report for download as a .pdf file.