The Echocardiography Lab of Ayder Referral Hospital

Echocardiography in Ayder Echo Lab 2017

About the Lab

Since 2012 modern Echocardiography on a high level is provided in the cardiology Unit in Ayder Hospital. Up to date high end echocardiography machines like Vivid 9 and handheld Viivd I are there in every day routine use on in-hospital  and out patients. Three cardiologists and two Internists are performing Trans thoracic and Trans Oesophageal Echocardiography. Adult Patients with valvular Heart disease from Rheumatic Heart Disease, Congenitals, Cardiomyopathies and Coronary heart disease are seen. The pediatric cardiology unit is  doing also echocardiography with an Vivid 5 Echo machine in its owen rooms on a great


Echo TTE in Ayder 2013

Since 2013 Etiopia-Witten cardiologists are visiting Ayder hospital several times per year to give echocardiography lectures and discuss with the colleagues from Ayder special echocardiography issues.

TEE im Ayder 2017


The Ayder Cardiology team is using their handheld echo device for examining patients in the  ICU and for screening children for Rheumatic Heart disease in schools in a scientific setting.