ECG Unit

Stress ECG in Ayder Hospital 2015
The ECG Unit in Ayder Referral Hospital

The Ekg section is equipped with a mobile modern ECG unit with electronic storage and automated diagnostic system. With this device, all the resting-Ekg examinations required in the Hospital are carried out. These are assessed by the internists in the ECG department for patients outside the internal clinic.

A state-of-the-art, digitall, automatic  ECG device with a treadmill, had also been financed by the university. Its routine use by Ayder cardiologists has been started in 2016 by the support of Etiopia-Witten visiting cardiologists.  This device is particularly important for the selection of patients for heart catheter examination.

Stress ECG in Ayder Hospital

The Cardiologist Dr. Abraha Hailu of the Ayder Hospitals Mekelle performing  stress-ECG with the treadmill