September 2016

by Christian Leuner

New in Mekelle town (Ethiopia) – the Witten Street

The administration of the Wittmer partner city Mekelle in northern Ethiopia has renamed a street in Mekelle in "Witten Street" out of gratitude for the extensive and good cooperation with the city Witten. This street leads to the Ayder Referral Hospital, which has been supported by the Etiopia-Witten association for a number of years in medical and administrative settings.

Witten Street in Mekelle handing over document

The members of the delegation from Mekelle, together with Ahmedin Idris, chairman of the association Etiopia-Witten, present a picture of the future Witten Street in Mekelle to the mayoress of the city Witten Sonja Leidemann on 29.09.2016.


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by Christian Leuner

Etiopia-Witten is handing over a fire truck with a turntable ladder to the partner city of Mekelle - Ethiopia

Firefighter car with turnable ladder for Mekelle

Picture from

Ethiopia Witten is handing over a German full-size fire truck with a turntable ladder to the representatives of the twin city Mekelle Ethiopia together with the Mayor of the town Witten Mrs. Sonja Leidemann and the chairman of the Etiopia-Witten Associating the physician Ahmedin Idris (on the left).

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by Christian Leuner

Etiopia-Witten hands over fire-fighting vehicle to the partner city Mekelle in Ethiopia




Hand over of fire brigade car

PIcture from

On the site of the professional fire brigade Witten, a fire brigade vehicle with turn ladder is handed over to a delegation of the city administration of the partner city Mekelle (Ethiopia).

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