December 2020


The German city of Witten is a twin city of the Ethiopian city of Mekelle. This has 500,000 inhabitants, is the second-largest in Ethiopia and the capital of the northern province of Tigray. There is currently a military conflict with great destruction and a most serious humanitarian catastrophe for the population.
The city of Witten and its citizens have been committed to the development of the city for more than 10 years with donations in materials, money, as well as work stays in Mekelle. Now it is to be feared that these successes will be undone by the military activities. Therefore, the council of the city of Witten contacts directly the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abi Ahmed with the request to bring about an end to the conflict.

Resolution on war in Tigray by city council Witten 2020


Dear our colleagues,
There is no functional governmental structure in Mekele currently and we see and hear lots of robbery and theft even during daylight.
The hospital is almost nonfunctional. There's no electricity and we will completely be in darkness when the few barrels of fuel for the generator are finished.
There is no oxygen, no medication, we can't also do any surgery even for our mothers who need CS. If the condition continues like this i am afraid we will start seeing epidemics of different diseases including missiles.
We tried to approach the military but i don't think they will do anything useful except keeping the hospital secured.
The world should know about this and press on allowing humanitarian aids.
I will update you soon
Reiye Esayas, MD, FCS-ECSA, Associate Professor
Surgical gastroenterologist and minimal access surgeon,
College of Health Sciences
Mekelle University