Again a one-week an Intensive Care Course for nurses in intensive care of Ayder Referral Hospital of the University of Mekelle will be held from the anesthsiologist Dr.Rotraut Burmeister-Rother MD from Etioopia-Witten Germany. It will be a refresher course for that one held in May 2016.

AICU course Ayder Hospital 2016

The first intensive care course from Dr. Rotraut Bumeister-Rother in Ayder in May 2016


The program as .pdf file is in the appendix for downloading


Ambulance car leaving Ayder Hospital for operation

German Ambulance car a gift from Witten Town leaves Ayder Referral Hospital - University Mekelle Ethiopia


The chairman of the association Etiopia Witten e.V., the physician Ahmedin Idris, has now been able to announce that the two emergency vehicles donated at the initiative of the association Etiopia-Witten e.V.  by the city of Witten to their partner city Mekelle in Ethiopia have become a complete success. The two vehicles have now been fully equipped with local material and the Ethiopian medical, nursing and technical staff is trained. Within the past 6 months, more than 300 operations with the emergency car have been successfully carried out in the city of Mekelle and the surrounding area. They are the first of their kind to become a model for other cities in Ethiopia, which are now striving to build up a comparable medical rescue service.

This is once again a successful example of cooperative development assistance by the association Etiopia-Witten.


The administration of the Wittmer partner city Mekelle in northern Ethiopia has renamed a street in Mekelle in "Witten Street" out of gratitude for the extensive and good cooperation with the city Witten. This street leads to the Ayder Referral Hospital, which has been supported by the Etiopia-Witten association for a number of years in medical and administrative settings.

Witten Street in Mekelle handing over document

The members of the delegation from Mekelle, together with Ahmedin Idris, chairman of the association Etiopia-Witten, present a picture of the future Witten Street in Mekelle to the mayoress of the city Witten Sonja Leidemann on 29.09.2016.



Firefighter car with turnable ladder for Mekelle

Picture from

Ethiopia Witten is handing over a German full-size fire truck with a turntable ladder to the representatives of the twin city Mekelle Ethiopia together with the Mayor of the town Witten Mrs. Sonja Leidemann and the chairman of the Etiopia-Witten Associating the physician Ahmedin Idris (on the left).





Hand over of fire brigade car

PIcture from

On the site of the professional fire brigade Witten, a fire brigade vehicle with turn ladder is handed over to a delegation of the city administration of the partner city Mekelle (Ethiopia).


The German cardiologist Dr. Christian Leuner has come again in June/July 2016 for three weeks to the Cardiology Unit of Ayder Referral University Hospital Mekelle. It is his 8th three weeks volunteering teaching visit in this place. This time was giving beside multiple activities in the Ayder Hospital cath lab a three hour course in X-ray radiation protection for all physicians an a seminar on cardiomyopathies for third year residents.

Dr. Christian Leuner teaching in Ayder Referral Hospital Mekelle


The one-week 1. Intensive Care Course for nurses in intensive care of Ayder Referral Hospital of the University of Mekelle was a great success. It took place in the hospital from April 18th to April 23th and May 2nd to May 7th. Ayder Hospital is a 400-bed tertiary care hospital for about 8 million people. The university city of Mekelle, the capital of Ethiopia Northern Province, has about 300,000 inhabitants.

 1. AICU Course in Ayder Hospital Mekelle

The course was led by the retired anesthetist Dr. Reintraut Burmeister-Rother MD. She is since many years active in teaching intensive care medicine including hands on training for physicians and nurses. During her previous stays in the ICU of Ayder Hospital she had realized, that the performance of the dedicated working nursing staff would benefit very much from a high level course in intensive care .

1. AICU Cours held by Dr. Reintraut Burmeister-Roter

With the support of the Spanish nurse Teresa Pastor, the German intensive care nurse Doris Balke and the American intensive care nutritionist Dr. Judith Randon MD, this course was a huge success. The Participation of the nurses was very active and none of the young men and women missed even for one hour. The result of the final test with a knowledge increase of 100% up to 200% was the occasion to celebrate this with a opulent lunch in a beautiful traditional Ethiopian restaurant in Downtown Mekelle. This was a good place to handover the certificates to the nurses.

A 2nd refresher course will be held in January 2017 at Ayder Referral Unversity Hospital Mekelle

1 AICU cours final luch


The Holzkamp –School of Witten( almost 1200 students) decided to collect 25.000,-Euro through the charity run beginning from 30th of May till 03 of june 2016 within 5 days. They have already donated four times, every year time since 2013.


Ethiopa-Witten is proud to inform:

That its support since 2013 setting up the Heart Catheterization Laboratory in Ayder Referral University Hospital in Mekelle  has now become the only Government Hospital in Ethiopia to perform the first PCI

Report from Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, May 21, 2016

Ahadu Amlak

Ayder Referral University Hospital in Mekelle has become the only Government Hospital in Ethiopia to perform the first PCI
The Doctors who performed successfully Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedure stand beside the patient in Ayder Referral Hospital, Cardiac Catheterization Lab: Mekelle April 27, 2016



Christiane Kost, M.Sc.,  is a German psychologist and experienced psychotherapist, head of the Marien Hospital psychotherapeutic service in Gelsenkirchen.  As a member of Etiopia-Wtten association she is teaching in Ayder Referral Hospital of Mekelle University since 2015.

Activites Febrary 2016

According to the goal of Christian Koste to improve psychotherapeutic skills for all mental health care professionals in Ayder Referral Hospital we planned a workshop for all professionals. The subject in this year was the theory, diagnosis and therapy of the PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) including an overview and demonstration of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a first line treatment for posttraumatic stress syndroms. Kenfe Tesfay organized this workshop perfectly.

Complete Report from 2016 as .pdf for downlad


On the morning of the last day of this year German Week in Mekelle the signing ceremony of the documents about the twin towns Mekelle - Ethiopia and Witten - Germany took place in the town hall of Mekelle. The Mayor of Mekelle, Daniel Afessa signed the documents already signed by the Mayor of Witten. During this, the German visitors sang in chorus a traditional German miners song from the Ruhrgebiet "Glück auf der Steiger kommt".



Handover of ambulance car from Witten Germany to Ayder Hospital Mekelle Ethiopia

The chairman of the association Etiopia Witten today, on 22 02 2016, handover the two fully functioning ambulance cars from Witten to the Dean of the Medical School of the University Mekelle,  Dr. Loko Abrahan. The car is part of the Emergency Department of the Ayder Referral Hospital Mekelle.


The delegation of members and supporters of Ethiopia Witten Association arrived well after a strenuous night flight from Frankfurt Airport via Addis Abeba in Mekelle. They were warmly welcomed by the Dean of the Medical Faculty of Univeristät Mekelle, Dr. Loko Abraham.



This year 30 members and supporters of the association Etiopia Witten are visiting Mekelle - Ethiopia
during the "German Week" from 20 to 27 February 2016 .

Remembering the German Week in 2014 in Mekelle

Remember German Week 2015 in Mekelle


Storz headlight for physcians - donation -

The otorhinolaryngology doctors in the team Etiopia Witten are happy. The medical-instruments company Karl Storz in Tuttlingen donates for the ENT OP in Ayder Hospital Mekelle medical equipment worth over 5,000 euros.

Storz company Tuttlingen Germany

The home of Karl STORZ medical equipment company in Tuttlingen Germany


Picture of Mekelle Town
Mekelle New Town

Ethiopia-Witten Assocication is proud to announce, that the efforts have succeded to make their German home town Witten a twin town the Ethiopian capital of the Tigray province the town of  Mekelle.

Twin towns Mekelle Ethiopia and Witten Germany