May 2016

by Christian Leuner

1 Intensive Care Course held in Ayder Referral Hospital Mekelle

The one-week 1. Intensive Care Course for nurses in intensive care of Ayder Referral Hospital of the University of Mekelle was a great success. It took place in the hospital from April 18th to April 23th and May 2nd to May 7th. Ayder Hospital is a 400-bed tertiary care hospital for about 8 million people. The university city of Mekelle, the capital of Ethiopia Northern Province, has about 300,000 inhabitants.

 1. AICU Course in Ayder Hospital Mekelle

The course was led by the retired anesthetist Dr. Reintraut Burmeister-Rother MD. She is since many years active in teaching intensive care medicine including hands on training for physicians and nurses. During her previous stays in the ICU of Ayder Hospital she had realized, that the performance of the dedicated working nursing staff would benefit very much from a high level course in intensive care .

1. AICU Cours held by Dr. Reintraut Burmeister-Roter

With the support of the Spanish nurse Teresa Pastor, the German intensive care nurse Doris Balke and the American intensive care nutritionist Dr. Judith Randon MD, this course was a huge success. The Participation of the nurses was very active and none of the young men and women missed even for one hour. The result of the final test with a knowledge increase of 100% up to 200% was the occasion to celebrate this with a opulent lunch in a beautiful traditional Ethiopian restaurant in Downtown Mekelle. This was a good place to handover the certificates to the nurses.

A 2nd refresher course will be held in January 2017 at Ayder Referral Unversity Hospital Mekelle

1 AICU cours final luch

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