November 2017

by Christian Leuner

First 3 Day Teaching from PREVRHD Programm by Etiopia-Witten and Mekelle University

On November 27- 29, 2017  in the small town of Wukro a 3 day training program about prevention, diagnostic and treatment of Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease was held from the cardiologists from Mekelle University Ayder Referral Hospital supported by cardiologists from Etiopia-Witten Assiociation - Germany. Nearly 40 thirsty for knowledge health officers and nurses have been informed extensively about their contribution to eradicate the life-threatening rheumatic heart disease, endemic in Ethiopia. Hands on teaching in the nearby Wukro District Hospital was done with the support of local children suffering from early forms of the Rheumatic Heart Disease. At the end of these days the final exam resulted in an increase of knowledge in this demanding topic from 59% up to 78% correct answers.

Staff in front of the banner of RHD in Wukro

The teaching staff and some participants

Dr.Abraha teaching the HO ad Nurses on RHD in Wukro

Dr. Abraha Hailu from Mekelle University is explaining the PREVRHD Programm


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by Christian Leuner

RHD prevention program PrevRHD of Etiopia-Witten Assoc., Mekelle University and Tigray Health Bureau started

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss about the initiation of the Guideline based prevention and control of Rheumatic Heart Disease: A project in Eastern zone of Tigray, Ethiopia & pilot project in Wukro area (PrevRHD project)

There were three presentations and there was a final discussion with the participants

  1. The current situation of Heart Disease in Ethiopia (Dr Abraha Hailu)
  2. From Pharyngitis / Tonsillitis to Rheumatic Heart Disease (Dr Mulugeta Naizgi)
  3. About the PrevRHD Project (Dr Abraha Hailu)
  4. Discussion with participants (Dr Tesfay G.her)

The meeting with responsible local health politicians, physicians, teachers and representatives of the churches was with about 50 participants a great success. After the presentations it was stated from the audience that:

"It is for the very first time that he is listening and has deeply understood that UNCLEANLINESS leading to TONSILLITIS ends up in SEVERE DISABLING DISSEASE." (representative of the youth association)

Even if he has been to different meetings on health issues and others, I have never heard about the fact that tonsillitis leads to heart disease before. We have heard here also that tonsillitis is caused by bacteria and is easily treatable but our community believes that tonsillitis is caused by spitting on FIRE or spitting on toilet or is due to evil eye etc . (religious leader)


Sensitation Meeting RHD Project Mekelle University - Etipopia-Witten

Sensitation meeting Dr. Abraha Heilu Weldgermina MU

More details in the minutes of the workshopo

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