April 2021


German Etiopia-Witten Association has just got the information that emergency medical materials and drugs for Ayder Hospital in Mekelle had been successfully purchased in Addis Abeba and transported to Mekelle from the funded money that had been given by Etiopia-Witten. The ongoing war in Tigray is still giving extreme shortage of medical support for the suffering population because of the looting and destroying of the majority of the hospitals and health centers.


With its donation of 16,000 euros, Etiopia-Witten has enabled the doctors at Ayder Hospital in Mekelle to obtain medical materials for the doctors to treat the suffering Tigray population. Medicines and medical equipment are bought in Addis Ababa and, thanks to the Red Cross, are brought to Ayder Hospital and other hospitals in Mekelle

Donations urgently needed, every donation counts!